Posebna ponuda

  • Vlado Martek
  • Braco Dimitrijević
  • Raša Todosijević
  • Mladen Stilinović
  • avant-garde covers
  • Radovan Ivšić
cijena: 7.500 kn ubaci u košaricu Ivan Picelj A (Edition a) 1
  • izdavač: Ivan Picelj
  • godina: 1962
  • izdanje: prvo/first
  • uvez: tvrdi
  • format: 16x16 cm
  • broj stranica: 6

A (Edition a) 1.  Artist Book. Ivan Picelj, vlastita naklada, Zagreb 1962. 

Površiva IV 1961 (detalj) - foto Branko Balić. Štampano u Grafičkom zavodu Hrvatske, Zagreb 1962.

Tekst (hrvatski i francuski jezik) Ivan Picelj; Za aktivnu umjetnost / Pour Un Art Actif.  

Founded by the painter Ivan Picelj edition a represented the aesthetic and ideological positions of the international art momevent New Tendencies, which took root in Zagreb in the early 1960s. Each issue of the slim, square magazinewith a lowercase letter a on the cover featured differnet artist. In the first issue, Picelj published the text For Active Art - a manifesto for the New Tendencies momevent. Issue 4 is also Picelj. Issue 2 is by Victor Vasarely: issue 3 and 5 were by Vjenceslav Richter, and issue 6 included four non-storie by Dimitrije Bašičević Managelos - his first public presented work Issue 7 was by Getulio Aviani.  

Like Gorgona, each issue of A featured the work of one artist. The editor Ivan Picelj, a prolific designer and artist based in Zagreb, was a founding member of the Exat 51 group in the 1950s and an important figure in the New Tendencies movement of the 1960s. The issues of A consist of contributions by artists and designers directly involved in these movements - MoMa