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New arrivals - Art

Boris Demur

Boris Demur Akrilik na platnu 80 x 120 cm Signed and dated Demur, 1999.
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Radomir Damnjanović Damnjan Dezinformacija 2020. Acrylic on canvas 70 x 70 cm Signed, titled, dated and stamp of the artist on the reverse Work accompanied by a certificate of authenticity issued by Galleria Federico Bianchi Contemporary Art, Milan PROVENANCE: Galleria Federico Bianchi Contemporary Art, Milan Private collection, Lecco LITERATURE: cfr. J. Denegri, T. Trini, Radomir Damnjanovic Damnjan, Federico Bianchi Contemporary Art, Milan, 2010, p. 359
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Edita Schubert

Edita Schubert Trapez Zagreb, 1986. Sintetička boja na papiru 74x66 cm
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Goran Trbuljak

Goran Trbuljak Tendencije avangardi u hrvatskoj modernoj umjetnosti, 1919. – 1941. Plakat za izložbu Galerija suvremene umjetnosti, Zagreb, 1982. Tisak SC / Grafički servis Studentski centar, Zagreb
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Ivan Picelj: Knifer

Ivan Picelj: Knifer High Quality Screen Print / visokokvalitetan sitotisak 50x70 cm Galerija suvremene umjetnosti zagreb katarinin trg 2 24.11-13.12.1970. Bijela podloga, crni meandar. Gore tekst u tisku plave.
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Juraj Dobrovic

Juraj Dobrović Collage Zagreb, 1973 30x30 cm Signed and dated
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Mangelos: manifest o impresionizmu (in Croatian), 1977. High Quality Screen Print / visokokvalitetan sitotisak 84 x 52 cm (33 1/8" x 20 1/2") Mangelos: manifest o impresionizmu silknprint on paper. Zagreb 1977. Produced as part of a gallery show in Zagreb that featured his manifesto work. Mangelos. Manifesti: noart. Zagreb: Atelier Tošo Dabac, 1978.
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Sanja Ivekovic: Marina Abramovic

Marina Abramović: Originalni plakat za prvu veliku izložbu / performance Rhythm 2 Original poster for first big Marina Abramovic solo exhibition / performance Rhythm 2 Design Sanja Iveković. Galerija suvremene umjetnosti 14.10.1974. godine. High Quality Screen Print / visokokvalitetan sitotisak by Studio S 70x100cm Stanje odlično / fine condition. Very very rare and important Among the posters designed by Sanja Iveković for the Gallery, certainly the most well-known is the one created for the exhibition of Marina Abramović in 1974, again characteristic for its unusual intervention into the rectangular shape of the poster, created by cutting the right lower corner of the poster. In this case, the intervention is not only a reflection on the specificity of the medium, but also a reference to the artistic practice of Marina Abramović. The radical intervention in the limits of the poster’s medium is related to the body art of the artist herself, whose artistic practice often involves reaching the limits of physical and psychological exertion. Source: Marko Golub and Dejan Kršić
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New arrivals - Literature

Mangelos: Energija no 9.

Mangelos: Energija no 9. Artist's Book. Artist Edition for Exhibition in Galerija Dubrava, Zagreb, January 1979. Sitotisak / Silkprint on Paper. In very good condition / U vrlo dobrom stanju. Format: 12x17 cm Stranica: 30
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Braco Dimitrijevic: Interview

Braco Dimitrijević: Interview Artist Book Zagreb : Galerija studentskog centra, 1974 . Dimensions: 19,9 x 13,7 Photographs Fedor Vučemilovič
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herman de vries: wit is overdaad

herman de vries: [wit is overdaad] 1st edition numbered 120 copies published by herman de vries : Arnhem 1960 artists' book with 20 white pages in folder, stapled dimensions: 13.5 × 10.5 cm In very fine condition the first book by herman de vries appeared in 1960. 'book' may be a big word for this small format booklet of a few sheets, bound with two staples and, surprisingly, without print. no title on the cover, it is blank too. on the colophon page only a few words are printed, in very pale ink and in four languages, like a poem: 'wit / wit is overdaad / blanc est surabondance / white is superabundance / weiss ist übermässig / wit / wit / wit is overdaad'. one might say that this book is at the same time an end and a beginning. it constitutes the end of the work of a scientist soon to renounce the study of nature and who has just announced this by renaming the offprints of a personal scientific publication 'manifest of castrated reality'. it also marks the final point of his parallel work as a painter, related to the abstract movement 'zero'. from 1956 herman de vries has been making monochrome paintings and from 1959, white paintings. [source: Anne Moeglin-Delcroix, 'beyond language', in herman de vries. les livres & les publications (saint-yrieix-la-perche 2005) 29]
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Josip Vaništa: Gorgona 1

Josip Vaništa: Gorgona 1 Zagreb, 1961. Periodical with screenprint cover and relief half-tone prints Dimensions: page (each): 8 1/4 x 7 5/8" (21 x 19.3 cm) Josip Vaništa, the group's founder, conceived the first issue, which consisted of the same photograph of an empty shop window reproduced on each of its nine pages.
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