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Gera Urkom: Denying Matisse

Denying Matisse featuring sculptural installation piece ' L'escargot Noir Gera Urkom (renowned Belgrade-born Painter/Conceptualist) continues his on-going intellectual debate with the history of painting as the Primary forum for the explication of complex meaning in the Post-Modernist 21st Century. NO:ID Gallery, London 2009.
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Enzo Mari

Enzo Mari Enzo Mari (Italian, born 1932) ENSEMBLE DE TROIS CUBES Circa 1960 Medium: polyester resin Size: 7 x 7 x 7 cm. (2.8 x 2.8 x 2.8 in.) Editeur Danese Sculpture cinétique
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Julio Le Parc: Cercles par deplacement

Julio Le Parc: Cercles par deplacement Designed in 1965. / Produced in 2015. 9.5×8×6.7 cm Acrylic sculpture. Sculpture uses a mirror and a printed side inside, and is made of plexiglass. By looking into the sculpture from a different angle you will see the circles changing color. Editions 100.
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Vlasta Delimar

Vlasta Delimar: Provjerite da li ste živi. Izdahnite zrak iz usta na ogledalo Verify if You are Alive. Breathe out from the mouth on the Mirror Mixed Media / Collage Signed and dated. Vlasta Delimar, 1984. Galerija studentskog centra Zagreb, 1984. godine 14,2x10,3 cm
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Ivan Kozaric

Ivan Kožarić - crtež, pastel iz 1973. godine. Potpisan. S druge strane se nalazi skica za stolac, također rad Ivana Kožarića. Ivan Kozaric was born in 1921 in Petrinja, Croatia. He studied sculpture at the Academy of Fine Art in Zagreb from 1943 to 1947
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Miljenko Horvat

Miljenko Horvat (Gorgona Group) grafitna olovka + pastel Miljenko Horvat was the group’s youngest member and worked as a painter, architect and photographer. His early art informel pieces already betray his interest in the constructive, which would become even more pronounced in his later years in the form of minimalist and computer-generated designs and creations. Horvat also had a penchant for the surreal, which mainly informed his photographic practice. Friedemann Malsch
465,00 €

Damnjan: Autoportret, 1960.

Damnjan: Autoportret, 1960. Rad je na kutiji cigareta Zeta, Sarajevo Potpisan, datiran. 9,5x7cm
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Piero Manzoni: Merda d'Artista

Piero Manzoni: Merda d'Artista (Artist's Shit) multiplo originale della Fondazione Piero Manzoni Milano Multiplo originale della celebre "Merda d'Artista" di Piero Manzoni. Sul coperchio reca numerazione e firma. L'involucro trasparente è chiuso da un adesivo sul quale è stampata l'impronta del celebre artista. Edizione limitata realizzata dalla Fondazione Piero Manzoni in occasione dell'anniversario della morte dell'artista. La scatoletta misura 6,5x7 cm
398,00 €

Bálint Szombathy

Bálint Szombathy: Collage Bálint Szombathy: Kolaž 21x29cm rane 70e Pečat umjetnika preko koje je ispisan tekst adresa no1
350,00 €

Eduard Stepancic: Jajce, 1940

Pastel, slap Plive, Jajce - 21.06.1940. Potpisano, signirano, format 10x14,5. Slika je bila poslana iz Jajca autoru, Eduardu Stepančiču u Beograd 1941. godine. Eduard Stepančič studied in Monza at the Instituto di Belle Arti (1923 -1926), in Venice at the
332,00 €