Izgled / Juni 77

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Izgled / Juni 77
Srećna nova umetnost, Beograd, 1977.
Urednik Vladimir Jovanović
15x35 cm

Beogradski Pop Art

The first announcement of a Kozmetika concert appeared in June 1977, on the back cover of Izgled magazine. The author of that magazine, as well as of the name of the group, was painter Vladimir Jovanović, one of many visual artists who tried themselves out as R’n’R musicians. Explaining the name of the band, he spoke about a visual art technique he invented himself – painting with face powder and lipstick. Izgled was a fanzine, self-published, but it was completely different from the punk fanzines made in those days. It looked like Warhol’s Interview, and was under the strong influence of David Bowie’s aesthetics. Kozmetika was the other face of Izgled, and its members were Marko Pešić, Saša Nikolić, Goran Vejvoda and Slobodan Konjović. Since they were without a formal musical education, they began to work within a band context in order to gain musical experience and investigate the potential of mutual communications through playing in the band. They had no pretentions to great careers, and no desire to be stars in the eyes of the audience – they were already that in their own eyes, even before they started playing. They made only one record, which they worked on for three years.