Jean Cassou: Pariski pokolj

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Vrlo rijetko u ponudi s ovitkom, stanje ovitka - vrlo dobro, manja oštećenja. Prevela Neda Živković Kruška.

Cassou received a literature degree in Paris. He has published research in music, literature, and fine art, particularly Spanish. In his novel The Bloody Days of Paris (1935; Russian translation, 1937), which deals with the Paris Commune of 1871, Cassou focused on the revolutionary proletarian struggle from a historical perspective. A member of the French Resistance, Cassou wrote Thirty-Three Sonnets, Written in Prison (1944), filled with both anguish and hope. His novel The Center of the World (1939; published 1945) depicts the period from the eve of World War I to World War II. Cassou is a steadfast opponent of imperialism and reaction.

Ex Yugoslavia (1910-1945) avant - garde covers. Constructivism Book Cover. Photomontage Book Covers.

Autor: Jean Cassou
Izdavač: Binoza, Zagreb
Izdanje: Prvo
Uvez: Tvrdi + ovitak
Format: 13x21
Stranica: 304