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Luis Tomasello

Luis Tomasello Lumiere noire medium: wood and plastics period: 2011 signature: in marker at the back edition 60 size: 40cm x 40cm x 4cm (15.7” x 15.7” x 1.6”)
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Gregorio Vardanega

Gregorio Vardanega box Boite à cercles de couleurs Plexi. Year: 1970. Signed by autor / at the back 13/15 Edition 15 Size: 35cm x 35cm x 12cm (13.8'' x 13.8'' x 4.7'') Condition: perfect Gregorio Vardanega (1923-2007) was an artist of Italian origins who worked in Argentina and France. Vardanega and Martha Boto, his companion, created the term "chromocinetism" to describe their artistic research. Vardanega was born in Possagno, Italy. Vardanega's family migrated to Argentina when he was three years old. He attended the Escuela Nacional de Bellas Artes in Buenos Aires from 1939 to 1946. Participating on New Tendencies 2 and New Tendencies 3. Zagreb, 1963. & Zagreb, 1965.
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Alberto Biasi: Torsioni Sovrapposte

Alberto Biasi: Torsioni Sovrapposte Noir Multiple: wood and pvc lamellae 2016. Signature engraved by the artist Edition 15 Size 52cm x 51cm x 10cm (20.5'' x 20.1'' x 3.9'') Condition perfect condition
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Marina Apollonio

Marina Apollonio Dinamica Circolare 6B Ruotato – Vertigo wood and turning circle period: 1968-2020 signature: handsigned at the back edition: 20 size: 42cm x 42cm (16.5” x 16.5”)
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Jesus Rafael Soto

Jesus Rafael Soto Lettre du Venezuela, 2001. Multiple Acrylic sculpture Sculpture in cardboard and plastic. It is screen printed on plastic. Signed and numbered at the back. Signature In Pencil Edition 280 Size 18cm x 11.5cm x 3cm (7.1'' x 4.5'' x 1.2'')
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Jeff Koons: Silver Rabbit

Jeff Koons Silver Rabbit Editions Studio after Jeff Koons Large Silver Rabbit Sculpture in cold cast resin in the manner of the famous artwork by Jeff Koons Comes with its box Limited edition of 500 copies 33cm
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Enrico Castellani: Superficie Bianca

Enrico Castellani: Superficie Bianca / Multiple Art book + multiple (sculpture in white PVC plastic) in designed cardboard slipcase. 30x30 cm Published by Edition Achille Mauri, 1968. Limited edition
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Jeff Koons: Pink Balloon Dog

Jeff Koons Pink Balloon Dog Editions Studio Cold cast resin Comes with its original box Limited edition 999 number engraved under the foot of the dog Edtions Studio 30x30x12cm
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Jeff Koons: Blue Balloon Dog

Jeff Koons Blue Balloon Dog Editions Studio Cold cast resin Comes with its original box Comes with the Studio Editions certificate. Limited edition 999 number engraved under the foot of the dog Edtions Studio 30x30x12cm
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Jeff Koons: Black Balloon Dog

Jeff Koons Black Balloon Dog Editions Studio Cold cast resin Comes with its original box Limited edition 999 number engraved under the foot of the dog Edtions Studio 30x30x12cm
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Braco Dimitrijević: His Pencil's Voice

Braco Dimitrijević: His Pencil's Voice / Njegove olovke glas B/W photos Sven Stilinović & Fedor Vučemilović Galerija SC & Muzički salon Teatar ITD, Zageb, 1973. In very fine codition. Very very rare. Ursula Block’s seminal catalog of art records and anti-records, entitled Broken Music, includes several artifacts that today are coveted by collectors of unusual records. One seminal item in that catalog Njeqove Olovke Glas, a.k.a. His Pencil’s Voice, a “record” produced by the conceptual artist Braco Dimitrijević: he piece is an LP jacket with a piece of cardboard inside; the “record” is a piece of cardboard inside the jacket. Dimitrijević used a pencil to draw a spiral on the cardboard record, meant to represent the its grooves. The title, His Pencil’s Voice, is no doubt a reference to the early record label, His Master’s Voice: Little is known about His Pencil’s Voice, so I emailed Braco Dimitrijević to learn more. He is a man of few words, always keeping things to the point when conversing via email. He explained that His Pencil’s Voice was created for a solo exhibition in London’s Situation Gallery, which was a linchpin of the modern art scene in the seventies. “What bothered me always was the process of realization from the idea, the sketch to the final art work,” he explains. “This was not only in visual arts, but in music too. So I wanted to create a record with no score performed, but what is written is drawn to be played.” In essence, Dimitrijević saw His Pencil’s Voice as a more direct way of producing a final art product, cutting out the laborious production process. “I drew by hand the spiral on the paper and brought it to printers to make a zinc plate to emboss and print the label,” he recalls Source: Anomaly Index.
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Dean Jokanović Toumin

Dean Jokanović Toumin Linija kao dimenzija prostora The Line as a Dimension of Space Multiple - X Zagreb, 2017. Signed and numbered Edition 10 Aluminium / Steel 38 cm
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Victor Vasarely: Hexagone

Hexagone, 1988 Plexiglas containing four books 10 1/4 × 11 3/4 × 2 in 26 × 29.8 × 5.1 cm Signed by author Limited and numbered edition Incised and numbered along the bottom
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Man Ray: Cadeau

Man Ray (Emmanuel Radnitzky): Cadeau Mixed media - Signed - 1479/5000 - 1974 "Cadeau" by Man Ray is the most coveted DaDa surrealist movement object. It consists of an everyday continental flat iron of the sort that had to be heated on a stove, transformed here into a non-functional, disturbing object by the addition of a single row of fourteen nails In 1974, Man Ray realised this edition in collaboration with Luciano Anselmino of Galleria "Il Fauno", Turin. Original packaging, Like new. A numbered, credit card-size, card was numbered and monogrammed by Man Ray. A certificate, with number, of the famous Arturo Schwarz is also included. 17×10 cm
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Enzo Mari

Enzo Mari Enzo Mari (Italian, born 1932) ENSEMBLE DE TROIS CUBES Circa 1960 Medium: polyester resin Size: 7 x 7 x 7 cm. (2.8 x 2.8 x 2.8 in.) Editeur Danese Sculpture cinétique
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Julio Le Parc: Cercles par deplacement

Julio Le Parc: Cercles par deplacement Designed in 1965. / Produced in 2015. 9.5×8×6.7 cm Acrylic sculpture. Sculpture uses a mirror and a printed side inside, and is made of plexiglass. By looking into the sculpture from a different angle you will see the circles changing color. Editions 100.
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Piero Manzoni: Merda d'Artista

Piero Manzoni: Merda d'Artista (Artist's Shit) multiplo originale della Fondazione Piero Manzoni Milano Multiplo originale della celebre "Merda d'Artista" di Piero Manzoni. Sul coperchio reca numerazione e firma. L'involucro trasparente è chiuso da un adesivo sul quale è stampata l'impronta del celebre artista. Edizione limitata realizzata dalla Fondazione Piero Manzoni in occasione dell'anniversario della morte dell'artista. La scatoletta misura 6,5x7 cm
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Vlasta Delimar: Provjerite da li ste živi

Vlasta Delimar: Provjerite da li ste živi. Izdahnite zrak iz usta na ogledalo. Mail Art / Collage. Galerija studentskog centra Zagreb, 1984. godine 14,2x10,3 cm
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Bruno Munari: the MC 1 Architecture Box

Bruno Munari: the MC 1 Architecture Box Originally produced in 1945, the MC 1 Architecture Box - New Edition contains a series of “bricks” of different shapes. Put together differently, you can make any number of buildings, from houses to churches, ancient castles to modern garages, hotels, skyscrapers, factories, towers, aqueducts, temples, stations, hangars, pile dwellings, houses with porticoes, balconies, terraces, and so on. The attached booklet contains over sixty examples which can be multiplied by the imagination of whoever is playing with them, just some of the infinite constructions that can be build. The MC 1 Architecture Box - New Edition is made of cardboard. This new edition features “bricks” made of unhewn beechwood. Dimension: 43.0 x 13.0 cm Languages: Italian and English texts 1st edition: 10/2018 Edition: 10/2018 Corraini Editions, Mantova / Italy
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