Mladen Stilinović: Ich habe keine Zeit

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Ich habe keine Zeit (“I don’t have time”). Artist Book. Dacić, Tübingen 1983.  12x16,5cm

The artist’s book “Ich habe keine Zeit” (“I don’t have time”) can be interpreted as a paradoxical call to practise this cherished laziness. The artist recommends to read the book line by line, from the beginning to the end, and in particular at a time when we don’t have time. This book that was, first, written by hand in the year 1979, in narrow lines, over 52 pages endlessly repeating the well-known rhetoric of the stressed person. The artist invites us to experience deceleration, and self-assurance, and to have doubts about our restlessness.

Autor: Mladen Stilinović
Izdavač: Dacić, Tübingen
Uvez: meki
Format: 12x16,6

Artist's Book. Mladen Stilinović - Nemam vremena. Edicija Dacić, Tübingen. Naklada 150. Offset / na papiru. U vrlo dobrom stanju, na naslovnici manji tragovi vremena.