Sanja Iveković: Dvostruki život / Double Life

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Artists' book. Offset-printed - staple bound, black-and-white. December 1976, the Gallery of Contemporary Art in Zagreb. Dvostruki Život : dokumenti za autobiografiju / Double-life : Documents for Autobiography, 1959 - 1975

29 x 20.5 cm.

n Double Life Iveković contrasts images of women taken from various international lifestyle and fashion magazines with snapshots of herself that each mimic, in some way, the commercial images. The book reflects on how feminine identity is shaped through consumer images and examines the apparatus of popular media through a critical lens. Sanja Iveković. Dvostruki Život = Double Life: 1959–1975. Zagreb: Galerija suvremene umjetnosti, 1976.      MoMa

Autor: Sanja Iveković
Izdavač: Galerija suvremene umjetnosti, Zagreb
Izdanje: prvo
Godina: 1976
Uvez: meki
Format: 20x29
Stranica: 32